CHP8 The Skeletal System

In sella turcica deep pit sella lesser wing greater

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Unformatted text preview: ses several foramina middle • Lesser wings form posterior wall of orbit & optic foramina optic • Greater wings form part of lateral surface of cranium (anterior to temporal bones) to • Body houses pituitary gland in sella turcica (deep pit) sella Lesser wing Greater wing Body Medial & lateral Medial pterygoid processes processes • Foramen rotundum & f. ovale allow for 2 branches of f. trigeminal nerve (CV) trigeminal Sphenoid Bone (cont.) Sphenoid Middle & lateral pterygoid plates provide muscle attachment for some jaw muscle attachment Sphenoid sinus w/in body of bone Nasal choanae= iinternal nasal openings nternal nasal Nasal Nasal choanae choanae Ethmoid Bone Ethmoid Ethmoid= btw orbital cavities & forms lateral walls & roof of btw nasal cavity nasal • 7 features required to learn: middle & superior nasal conchae, features crista galli, cribiform & perpendicular plates, olfactory foramina, ethmoid sinus foramina, Ethmoid Bone (cont.) Ethmoid Perpendicular plate= superior part of nasal septum (dividing su...
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