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CHP8 The Skeletal System

Margin arc of lower ribs expands costal protects

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Unformatted text preview: / 4 Anterior body transverse lines leading to sacral foramina transverse sacral • Ala= llateral ‘wings’ ateral • Sacral canal= runs thru sacrum & houses spinal nerve runs root endings root Coccyx/Thoracic Cage Coccyx/Thoracic Coccyx (Co1-Co4)- small, triangular bone of 4 fused vert’s small, (~20-30 yrs) (~20-30 • • • Attachment site for muscles of pelvic floor Vestige of a tail (mammals) Cornua= hornlike projections on Co1 for ligaments hornlike attaching coccyx to sacrum attaching • Fractured by fall or during childbirth Thoracic cage- T1-T12, sternum, ribs; encloses lungs & T1-T12, heart & attachment for pectoral girdle/upper limbs heart • Expands for breathing, costal margin (arc of lower ribs) Expands costal protects spleen, liver, kidneys protects Sternum Sternum Sternum= manubrium, body, xiphoid process • Manubrium= broad superior bone, suprasternal notch & broad suprasternal clavicular notches clavicular • Body= llongest part, scalloped lateral margins for ongest attachment of costal cartilage of ribs 2-7 attachment • Angle= pt where body joins w/ manubrium • Xiphoid= small, pointed bone for small, attachment of ab muscles muscles Ribs Ribs Ribs= 12 prs; 1-7 true ribs, 8-12 false ribs, & 11-12 floating 12 true false floating ribs ribs • Attach to vertebra @ proximal end of rib…distal end is Attach attached to sternum by costal cartilage costal • Head (articulates w/ vertebra body), neck, tubercle tubercle (art...
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