CHP8 The Skeletal System

N radial notch small notch medially for head of

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Unformatted text preview: tended (back of elbow) arm • Coronoid/radial fossae= anterior pits, c.fossa (medial pit) for anterior coronoid process of ulna when arm flexed; r.fossa (lateral) named for near head of radius named Radius~ smaller of 2 forearm bones, lies laterally (thumb-side), smaller rotates on capitulum rotates • • • Head= distinctive disc articulating w/ capitulum & radial fossa Neck= directly below head, before r.t. Radial tuberosity= medial attachment area for biceps muscle Radius/Ulna Radius/Ulna Radius (cont.)~ • Styloid process= bony pt @ distal end of bone, bony proximal to thumb proximal • Ulnar notch= articulates w/ medial surface of articulates distal ulna distal Ulna~ lies medially, larger of 2 bones • • • • • • Trochlear notch= wraps around trochlea of humerus Olecranon= bony process of posterior side of elbow Coronoid process= small ‘ridge’ of bone on anterior side of t.n. Radial notch= small notch (medially) for head of radius to fit into Styloid process= small bony pt of distal end (medially) Interosseous membrane/margin= lligament attaching 2 bones, igament attaches @ i.margin attaches Wrist/Hand Bones Wrist/Hand Carpals= 8 bones of wrist in 2 rows of 4 • Small, square-roundish to allow for side/side & up/down Small, movements movements • Pisiform bone- sesamoid bone that develops w/in a tendon Metacarpals- 5 bones of palm (MI-MV...
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