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CHP8 The Skeletal System

Neck sneck common fracturetransition to shaft aneck

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Unformatted text preview: rior inferior • Acromion process= apex of shoulder, articulates w/ clavicle • Coracoid process= muscle attachment • Glenoid cavity= socket for head of humerus • Subscapular, infraspinous infraspinous • & supraspinous fossa supraspinous • Spine Upper Limb Upper 4 regions of upper limb- brachium, antebrachium, carpus, regions manus….totals 30 bones per limb manus….totals • • • • Brachium= humerus Antebrachium= radius & ulna Carpus= wrist bones; 8 small bones in 2 rows Manus= hand; 19 bones in 2 groups • 5 metacarpals in the palm • 14 phalanges in the fingers Humerus~ head articulates w/ scapula @ glenoid cavity Humerus~ head • Greater/lesser tubercles= muscle attachment • Intertubercular sulcus (groove)= tendon attachment (bicep) • Anatomical/surgical necks= cartilage of head bordered by cartilage a.neck; s.neck common fracture…transition to shaft a.neck; • Deltoid tuberosity= rough area for deltoid muscle attachment Arm Bones Arm Humerus (cont.)~ • Capitulum= llateral condyle of distal end (elbow) articulates w/ ateral radius radius • Trochlea= medial condyle articulates w/ ulna • Lateral/medial epicondyles= medial epi is expanded bone to medial protect ulnar nerve (‘funny bone’) protect • Olecranon fossa= posterior pit, olecranon of ulna fits into when posterior arm ex...
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