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CHP8 The Skeletal System

Plate crista galli midsagittal crest that meninges

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Unformatted text preview: perior nasal cavity into left/rgt fossa) nasal Superior & middle nasal chonchae= scroll-like extensions that scroll-like project into fossa project • Lined w/ mucus membranes & olfactory receptor cells Ethmoid sinus= honeycomb air spaces on each side p.plate Crista galli= midsagittal crest that meninges attach to Cribiform plate= horizontal bone w/ numerous perforations Olfactory (cribiform) foramina= passage for olfactory nerves to passage brain brain Injury can cause bone fragments to damage meninges/brain Injury tissues; destroy olfactory nerves (anosmia) tissues; Facial Bones Facial Support teeth, give shape of face, form part of nasal & orbital Support cavities, muscle attachment for mastication & expression cavities, 14 bones= maxillae, palatine, zygomatic, lacrimal, nasal, 14 inferior nasal conchae, vomer, mandible inferior Maxillae= 2 bones form upper jaw • • • Teeth inserted in alveolar sockets (alveolar margin) Forms inferomedial wall of orbit; infraorbital foramen Forms inferomedial infraorbital Forms anterior 2/3’s of hard palate • Palatine process= horizontal extensions horizontal of max to form palate of • Cleft palate= failure to fuse, cleft lip as well • Maxillary sinus Palatine, Zygomatic, & Lacrimal Palatine, Bones Palatine= 2 bones form posterior part of palate, part of wall of nasal cavity, & part of floor of eye orbit (tiny portion) eye Zygomatic= 2 bones forming ‘cheeks’ & part of bones lateral wall...
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