CHP8 The Skeletal System

Rounded acromial end lateral flat acromial conoid

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Unformatted text preview: iculates w/ sup/inf articulating facets on transverse processes), angle, shaft angle shaft • Rib 1 atypical, flat plate that articulates directly w/ T1…then Rib ribs 2-9 articulate btw 2 vertebrae (so have sup/inf articular facets)…ribs 10-12 articulate w/ body of vert’s facets)…ribs Pectoral Girdle Pectoral Pectoral girdle- clavicle & scapula; attaches upper arms • Clavicle attaches medially to the sternum (sternoclavicular joint) Clavicle & laterally to the scapula (acromioclavicular joint) laterally • Scapula articulates with the humerus (humeroscapular joint) • Shoulders easily dislocated due to loose attachment Clavicle- slight S-shaped bone; inferior surface w/ ridges for slight muscle attachment muscle • Sternal end (medial) is rounded & acromial end (lateral) flat acromial • Conoid tubercle= roughened area roughened for ligament attachment for • Keeps shoulder back & lateral Keeps (pectoral muscles pull forward) (pectoral Scapula Scapula Scapula- triangular plate lying dorsally over ribs 2 to 7 • 3 sides= superior, medial (vertebral), & lateral (axillary) sides= superior medial lateral borders borders • 3 angles= superior, inferior, & lateral angles angles= supe...
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