CHP2 Chemistry of Life

lipids 5 types of lipids cont fatty acids c chains w

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Unformatted text preview: C, H, O w/ lots Hydrophobic’ of H:O of • More cal/g than carbs because can’t be oxidized as readily • 5 primary types- fatty acids, triglycerides, phospholipids, fatty eicosanoids, & steriods eicosanoids, Lipids (cont.) Lipids 5 types of lipids (cont.)~ Fatty acids= C chains w/ a carboxyl & methyl groups • • 2 forms of fat made from saturated or unsaturated fatty acids forms Saturated f.acids= ‘saturated’ w/ H+ (single bonds w/ H-C) • Saturated fats- solid @ room temp (animal fat) or palm & solid coconut oil: ‘bad fats’ associated w/ cardiovascular disease coconut • Unsaturated f.acids= some C=C on chain, so H+ could be added • Most oils unsat fats- healthy form of lipids since don’t promote healthy c.disease c.disease • Essential f.acids cannot be made by body, must be obtained in diet...
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