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CHP2 Chemistry of Life

Acids since cant synthesize our selves each has a

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Unformatted text preview: Cholesterol is only synthesized by animals (liver), thus, not in vegetable oils or plant products • ~15% in diet, remainder synthesized in tissue cells…needed as precursor for other steroids used in cell membranes & nervous system (insulation of nerve fibers) Proteins- formed by combining certain amino acids (polymer) • 20 amino acids; 8 essential a.acids since can’t synthesize our selves; each has a central C w/ -NH2 & -COOH Protein Functions Protein Proteins (cont.)~ • Peptides= 2+ a.acids joined by peptide bond (removal of 2+ H+ & OH-…dehydration synthesis) • Oligopeptides (<15 a.acids); polypeptides (>15) • Proteins are polypeptides of 50+ a.acids • Conformation= 3D shape • Coils & folding of proteins allow then to change shape when Coils triggered to do so…Ex.~ certain proteins on plasma membrane surface serve as ion channels that ‘open/close’ • Denaturation= dramatic changes in shape, usually alters dramatic negatively (destroys protein); extreme heat, pH changes negatively 7 main functions of proteins• Structure, communication, membrane transport, catalysis, Structure, recognition & protection, movement, & cell adhesion recognition Enzymes & Metabolic pathways Enzymes Enzyme= organic (protein) catalyst that speeds up rxtn organic • Naming...
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