CHP2 Chemistry of Life

Contraction starch energy storage molc of plantsstore

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Unformatted text preview: na brain, • Liver: produces it after meals, releases into bldstream btw meals • Remaining organs store in own cells for later use…muscle Remaining contraction, embryo nutrition, etc. contraction, • Starch- energy-storage molc of plants…store when energy-storage photosynthesizing, use it during nights/winter photosynthesizing, • Cellulose- strengthens plant cell walls, not digestible by us; strengthens dietarily important as fiber, roughage in digestive tract dietarily Lipids Lipids Carbohydrates (cont.)~ • • • Major source of energy since rapidly available to tissue cells All carbs broken down into glucose, then used to make ATP All Glycolipids, glycoproteins, etc- conjugated (or combined) Glycolipids, compounds that serve functional purposes (aid in cell structure, mucus & gel production, etc.) structure, Lipids~ • ‘Hydrophobic’ o.molecule; general formula of...
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