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Unformatted text preview: lexor tendons run through space, sheaths allow to easily Flexor slide across each other…but overuse can cause CTS slide Muscles of Wrist & Hand Muscles CTS- prolonged, repetitive motions of wrist/fingers causes prolonged, tissues to inflame, swell, &/or become fibrotic tissues • Leads to pressure of median nerve of wrist…tingling/pain of Leads hand (palm, medial side), forearm & shoulder; muscle weakness weakness • Treatment includes anti-inflammatories, immobilization, Treatment surgical removal of flexor retinaculum flexor Some muscles originate @ humerus (crossing elbow), & so, Some aid in flex/extension but main action on wrist/hand main 8 extrinsic muscles• Anterior compartment- 4 flexors, arise from common tendon flexors, of humerus of • Posterior- 4 extensors, arise from 1 tendon of humerus Wrist/Hand (cont.) Wrist/Hand 4 flexor musclesFlexor carpi radialis= powerful wrist flexor, abducts hand • Origin @ medial epicondyle, inserts on base of M(II-III) Flexor carpi ulnaris= flexes, adducts; stabilizes wrist when flexes, fingers extended fingers • Same origin, inserts on carpal bones, MV Flexor digitorum superfi= flexes fingers II-V @ proximal flexes interphalangeal jnt, aids in wrist & metacarpophalangeal jnt flexion flexion • Same origin + @ radius & coroniod process; inserts as 4 Same tendons to middle phalanges II-V tendons Flexor pollis longus= flexes interphalangeal jnt of thumb; weakly flexes wrist flexes • Origin @ radius & interosseous membrane, inserts on distal Origin phalanx I phalanx Muscles of the hand/wrist Muscles Extensors of Wrist/Hand Extensors Extensor carpi radialis longus= extend & abduct wrist • Origin @ lateral epicondyle, inserts on base of MII Extensor carpi ulnaris= extend & adduct wrist • Same + posterior shaft of ulna, inserts on base of MV Extensor digitorum= extends fingers II-V @ extends metacarpophalangeal jnt metacarpophalangeal • Same, inserts on dorsal aspect of phalanges II-V Extensor pollicis longus= extends thumb @ metacarpo jnt • Origin @ radial shaft & interosseous membrane, inserts on proximal phalanx I proximal Muscles of Hip/Femur Muscles Intrinsic muscles of hand assist extrinsics & allow for more precise finger movements precise Intramuscular injections- thick bellies muscles like deltoids, thick glutes common sites for large doses due to slow movement into bloodstream into • Less dangerous concentrations into blood & less painful Muscles acting on hip & lo...
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