Mover produces most of the force synergist aids prime

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Unformatted text preview: ement produced by a muscle 4 categories of action= prime mover, synergist, antagonist, categories fixator fixator • Prime mover= produces most of the force • Synergist= aids prime mover; adds more power, may help to aids stabilize or produce a more specific movement stabilize • Antagonist= opposes prime mover; moderates movement by opposes not allowing prime mover excessive movement not • Antagonist pair= muscles that act on opposite sides of a joint • Flex & extend; abduct & adduct, etc. Flex • Fixator= prevents bone from moving by holding it steady while prevents another muscle is pulling on it (scapula held in place by rhomboids while biceps flex) rhomboids biceps Muscles of Head & Neck Muscles Muscles can be either intrinsic or extrinsic intrinsic extrinsic • Movements of hand ex. of both Muscles are supplied w/ nerves (innervation) from PNS (spinal from & cranial nerves) cranial • Head & neck supplied by cranial nerves (I-XII) • Spinal nerves named for vertebrae exiting out of Muscles named for size, shape, location, # of heads, Muscles orientation, & action (Table 10.1) orientation, Muscles of head & neck- muscles inserted in dermis contract to muscles form facial expression form • 8 muscles of facial expression (table 10.2) • 5 muscles for chewing/swallowing (table 10.3) • 4 muscles of throat/neck region (table 10.4, 10.9) Muscles of Head & Neck Muscles Muscles of Head & Neck Muscles Scalp muscle= occipitofrontalis (or occipitalis & frontalis) iis 2 Scalp occipitofrontalis occipitalis frontalis s muscles connected by galea aponeurotica (broad tendon) galea • Moves scalp, forehead, eyebrows Eyes encircled by orbicularis oculi- ring of muscle that Eyes orbicularis ring closes eye closes • Levator palpebrae superioris opens eye opens Mouth encircled by orbicularis oris- closes lips Mouth orbicularis • Other muscles meet o.o. from all directions Zygomaticus major originates near ear & inserts @ upper corner of mouth (w/ others, produces smiles) corner Mouth corners depressed (frown) by depressor anguli oris Mouth depressor • Additional muscles attach to lower lip to draw it downward Muscles of Head & Neck (cont.) Muscles Cheek muscle= buccinator; blowing, sucking, chewing Cheek buccinator blowing, (holds & pushes food btw teeth) Platysma= thin superficial muscle of shoulder/chest Platysma – Inserts along mandible (tightens during shaving, depresses Inserts mandible, & opens/widens mouth) mandible, Chewing/swallowing muscles Chewing/swallowing Chewing (mastication) muscles- also affect facial expression, also but primary functions are chewing, tongue movements, swallowing swallowing Buccinator (+ tongue muscles) move food btw molars, then 4 paired muscles breakdown food in mouth paired Temporalis= broad muscle originating @ temporal lines broad (parietal & frontal bone) & inserting on coronoid process of mandible mandible Masset...
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