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fibrous fibrous joint cont gomophoses allow for

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Unformatted text preview: Sutures serrate lap plane sutures plane Fibrous joints (cont.) Fibrous Fibrous joint (cont.)~ • Gomophoses allow for slight movement of teeth, giving us Gomophoses sense of how hard we are biting down, food in teeth, etc. sense • Syndesmoses have longer fibers= movable joints • Less moveable joint….distal ends of tibia/fibula Less • More moveable joint.…radius/ulna & tibia/fibula by interosseous More membrane membrane • Interosseous membrane allows for supination/pronation Joint Types (cont.) Joint Cartilaginous joint (amphiarthrosis)~ 2 bones bound together bones by either hyaline or fibrocartilage by • Synchondroses= hyaline cartilage binds bones together hyaline • Epiphysis & diaphysis fuse (epiphyseal plate); costal cartilage ); costal • Symphyses= fibrocartilage joins 2 bones • Pubic bones join by a interpubic disc to form pubic symphysis Pubic pubic • 23 intervertebral discs between vertebrae allow for flexibility yet 23 intervertebral permits only slight movement between each adjacent bone permits Synovial joint~ most common jnt; 2 bones separated by a most space filled w/ synovial fluid space • Elbow, knee, jaw, hip…all freely movable • Health & mobility of...
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