Are stimulated send info along 1 fiber dendrites

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Unformatted text preview: common • Bipolar: 1 axon, 1 dendrite; olfactory cells, some retinal, axon, sensory neurons of inner ear sensory • Unipolar: 1 process leads away from soma (branches into a process T); sensory signals to SpC (touch, pain) T); • Dendrites in skin, etc. are stimulated, send info along ‘1 fiber’ Dendrites directly to SpC (peripheral fiber-central fiber) directly • Anaxonic: multiple dendrites, no axon; in brain & retina, multiple communicate thru dendrites & don’t make AP’s communicate Axonal Transport Axonal Axonal transport= 2-way mechanism where materials move 2-way along microtubules of cytoskeleton to/from soma along • Proteins, enzymes (AChE), organelles, ACh, glucose, Proteins, a.acids, nucleotides, Ca2+ a.acids, All proteins are synthesized in the soma, & then transported All to/down axon to/down • Anterograde transport Fragments/other substances are Fragments/other transported back up axon to soma to be recycled to • • • Retrograde transport Soma monitors axon condition Pathogens use to invade nucleus Types of Neuroglia Types Neuroglia= (glial cells) supportive cells of the nervous system • Protect, bind neurons & provide supportive framework, prevent Protect, neurons from contacting each other except @ synapse, & aid in signal transduction in 6 kinds of glial cells (4 in CNS, 2 in PNS)- Table 12.1 • Oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, ependymal cells, & microglia Oligodendrocytes, (CNS); schwann & satellite cells (PNS) (CNS); Glial Cells Glial Oligodendrocytes= bulbous body w/ armlike processes that bulbous spiral around nerve fiber to form a myelin sheath spiral • M.sheath insulates n.fiber from ECF & inc conduction speed Astrocytes= most abundant (~90% brain tissue in some areas) most & functionally diverse; supportive network of nervous tissue functionally • Branched & star-like; cover enti...
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