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KIN 321 Spring 2011 Exam 1 Study Guide

3 beabletoapplyproprioceptorstospecific

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Unformatted text preview: ve receptors are, what they detect, and other pertinent info about each (e.g., which one results in the stretch reflex). 3. Be able to apply proprioceptors to specific movements (e.g., when we perform a specific movement – bicep curl – what information does each of the proprioceptors provide? Motor Skill Classification 1. Define and give examples of fine, gross, discrete, continuous, serial, open, closed skills 2. Describe and give examples of the other 3 skill characteristics – trial‐to‐trial variability, movement of performer, equipment modifications 3. Given specific skills, indicate if they are fine or gross, open or closed, etc. 4. Indicate/give example of how these characteristics are used to create task progressions. Terms/definitions Examples Explain concepts and give real life examples Compare and contrast...
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