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More recent changes to the menu have proved effective

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Unformatted text preview: new taste menu,´ where they offered a new sandwich for one week. The purpose was to offer customers a variety of options to satisfy peoples¶ desire for variety. However, the new taste menu proved to be ineffective. Some customers would fall in love with an item, but it would only last one week, and they would be frustrated that they couldn¶t purchase their new beloved favorite sandwich. More recent changes to the menu have proved effective. McDonald¶ realized that many of today¶s customers seek healthy food options, and the Corporation has offered items accordingly. As mentioned above in ³Competition Bases,´ McDonald¶s now offers a wider variety of nutritious 50 | P a g e items and provides information to help its customers as well as employees make informed healthy choices. E.g. Vegetarian Menu CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ³At McDonald¶s, making customers happy is what our business is all about. And we know it takes a lot to make that happen. We work hard to provide every customer with a choice of meals and an experience that exceeds their expectations.´ The preceding statement is the quote which introduces McDonald¶s Worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2004). Although the company strives to compete on several bases, their ambient goal is customer satisfactions. They reach this goal through a variety of efforts. McDonalds visionary goal is to continually improve their organization. One example is the manager on duty task of completing a ³travel path´ every thirty minutes of his shift. During a travel path, the manager personally checks every aspect of the restaurant, including: the lobby 51 | P a g e area where customers eat, the restrooms, the grill area behind the counter, the walk-in refrigerators and freezers, the stock area, as well as the entire perimeter outside the restaurant. Through completing travel paths, management continuously checks every aspect of the restaurant throughout the day. In addition to short term continual improvement, McDonald¶s organization also thinks ahead for long term improvement. To ensure that they serve 100% safe food, McDonald¶s conducts food safety tests multiple times throughout the day. The corporation changes ³Food Safety´ book used by the managers several times a year, in efforts to think toward the future for the most appropriate variables to measure. Along with internal improvement to the organization, McDonald¶s also collects external information from its customers to discover which aspects the company performs well, and which aspects could be improved. The manager is supposed to talk to at least one customer during each travel path and the manager can immediately react to this direct face-to-face communication. On a larger scale, McDonald surveys its customers two times per year. To entice customers to submit feedback, the organization offers a free sandwich in return for a completed survey. In summary, McDonald¶s strives to reach its goal of ³making customers happy´ through their normal competitive bases of speed, price, and nutrition, and they also ensure customer satisfaction through continual improvement of their operations. SWOT ANALYSIS 52 | P a g e The Road Ahead y y Entry to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities ± The main target customer for McDonald¶s is the new urban Indian family. With the customer demographics constantly changing and tectonic social and cultural shifts being observed in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities due to globalization, the company is now expanding to Tier 2 cities like Pune and Jaipur. Rolling out McBreakfast across all outlets ± In India, the company has recently launched its entry into the breakfast food category. This is now launched on a pilot basis on select stores. In Mumbai, it available at the Vile Parle outlet. The company views this category as a key growth driver in future. VS 53 | P a g e The young generation of India has moved towards junk food against the traditional Indian homemade food. People have started to live a fast and speedy life, so much so that they prefer going to the junk foodie¶s restaurant and eat food in just few minutes instead of making lunch/dinner at home and wasting 2 to 3 hrs in preparing it. It all started with the invention of McDonald¶s in INDIA, junk food has become more popular between the young youth as McDonald¶s launched its branch in most of the major cities of INIDA. Along with McDonald¶s many other junk food brands have started their business here. One of a direct competition to the evergreen business of McDonald¶s that recently launched here in Mumbai is Kentucky Fried Chicken commonly known as KFC which is famous for its fried chicken. Non-Veg lovers can have a feast in KFC, the VEG lovers are sidelined and are not taken of that much care; there is no variety for the veggies here in KFC, as much as they have in McDonald¶s. In MC Donald¶s you get a wide variety of choices for both VEG and NONVEG lovers. When it comes to Quality ± KFC is far behind from MC Donald¶s, th...
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