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MacDonald's Marketing Paper

Presentation skills at kfc are really poor 54 p a g e

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Unformatted text preview: ey really need to maintain their quality standards well if they want to rise up the ladder and compete with McDonald¶s. Presentation skills also matters ± and no one can really beat MC Donald¶s for that, they have these different offers from time to time, they have special offers for 12 months of the year for kiddies, they give away free toys etc, all this is really required if you want to win away the masses. KFC does not offer any of those. Presentation skills at KFC are really poor. 54 | P a g e So my advice to KFC would be ± pay more attention to people management, communication skills, have a complaint box or feedback survey done which will help you know where and what is you lacking behind. MCDONALD¶S EXPERIENCE Marketing in a services industry is becoming an increasingly complex challenge. The paradigms of service marketing demand a passionate understanding of customer expectations and perceptions, and linking them to product design & delivery as well as operational planning. This is where McDonald¶s has excelled due to its ability to successfully integrate the customer¶s perspective in its products and operations in a comprehensive manner. The revamped menu in India is an example of McDonald¶s strategy of integrating the customer¶s perspective in its products. And, the operational integration is clear from McDonald¶s emphasis on its suppliers as its customers as well as its treatment of its consumers as co-producers of services. The ultimate aim of Service Marketing is not just to become a Service Leader but to create a Service Brand. The Service Delivery Process is the key to achieving this aim of Service Marketing. Supplementary process Service delivery process Core products During the Service Delivery Process, each moment of interaction between the firm and the customer, called ³Moments of Truth´, helps understand the opportunities that a firm has to win or lose the customer. For example, these ³moments of truth´ are created for McDonald¶s every time the guard 55 | P a g e at the McDonald¶s outlet meets the customer, every time an attendant takes down the order from the customer waiting in the queue, every time the cashier interacts with the customer, every time the attendant helps the customer guided the customer towards the table, every time the attendant cleans the table, etc. ³Moments Of Truth´ ± The Service Encounter customer service provider service delivery points Managing these ³moments of truth´ is a great challenge in Service Marketing especially due to customer¶s involvement as a co-producer of services e.g. McDonald¶s self-service concept wherein the customer not only collects the order but also cleans the table after consuming the food. However, McDonald¶s has been able to create a great experience for its customers by understanding the nature of the entire Service Delivery Process and the various stages in the process that are exposed to the customers. Transparency in the processes at its outlet has helped McDonald¶s bring the back office in its outlet at the front so that the customer is able to know the operations and provide feedback on service design improvements. 56 | P a g e Internal Customer Focus is equally important as External Customer Orientation in order to win these ³moments of truth´. McDonald¶s focus on its People and their service delivery methods therefore plays a very important role in creating a successful Service Brand. The quality and the consistency of the service delivered by McDonald¶s have been greatly enhanced by the combination of the factors mentioned above. This has helped McDonald¶s become Service Leader and a successful Service Brand. This is evident from the fact that very few of its customers opt for take-home parcels or home deliveries while most of them prefer to eat at the outlet and enjoy the McDonald¶s experience. FACTS AND FIGURES Year 1955 Events Ray Kroc opens his first restaurant. McDonald¶s Corporation is created 1957 Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC & V) becomes company motto 1963 1965 1968 1974 1996 Ronald McDonald makes debut The company goes public Big Mac is introduced` Happy Meal is launched McDonald¶s opens in India, the 95th country WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Dollars in million 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 No. of restaurants 11,803 12,418 13,093 13,993 15,205 57 | P a g e System wide sales 18,759 19,928 21,885 23,587 25,987 - US 12,252 12,519 13,243 14,186 14,941 - Outside US 6,507 7,409 8,642 9,401 1,046 Total revenues 6,640 6,695 7,133 7,408 8,321 Operating profit 1,596 1,679 1,862 1,984 2,241 Net profit ACTIVITY 802 860 959 TIME PERIOD 1,083 1,224 BUDGET ($) Average age of big Mac product 2009-2011 1,000,000. Promotions of big Mac product Complete year 2009 3,00,000 Mcdelivery service 2009-2011 50,000 Launched N mixed Happy meal 2009-2011 300,000 Reputation in training 2009-2011 25,000 Marketing Advertisements 2009-2011 1,00,000 58 | P a g e Adapting automated machines 2009-2011 40,000 Total budget 1,815,000 MCDONALD¶S INDIAN SUPPLIERS NORTH AND EAST INDIA NO.OF OUTLETS DELHI 33 U.P. 22 HARYANA 11 PUNJAB 7 RAJASTHAN 3 UTTRANCHAL 1 WEST BENG...
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