MacDonald's Marketing Paper

These scholarships are part of the rmhc and mcdonalds

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Unformatted text preview: AL 1 HAMACHAL PRADESH 1 WEST AND SOUTH INDIA NO.OF OUTLETS 59 | P a g e MAHARASHTRA 32 GUJARAT 7 KARNATAKA 7 ANDHRA 4 M.P. 3 MCDONALD¶S OFFER SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDENTS IN US Local Chapters of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), with support from RMHC Global, McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants, offer scholarships to students from communities who face limited access to educational and career opportunities. These scholarships are part of the RMHC and McDonald¶s ongoing commitment to education. HAMBURGER UNIVERSITIES 60 | P a g e Today, more than five thousand students attend hamburger universities each year. Since 1961, more eighty thousand restaurants managers, midmanagers and owners have graduated from this facility. QUESTIONNAIRE Q. Which is your favorite product at McDonald¶s? favourite product 9% 11% 10% 7% 14% maharaj mc mc chicken burger 11% french fries chicken mcnuggets 38% mc puff fileto fish other Q. Is the product line in McDonald¶s adequate? 61 | P a g e is the product line adequate 27% 39% yes no average 34% Q. What is the main problem you faced at McDonald¶s? problems faced in McDonald's long queues 28% 40% rude behaviour of employees congestion 13% 15% 4% other no problem Q. Which area do you think needs the most improvement? 62 | P a g e improvement 10% 6% 10% 31% delivery capaciousness product variety 20% 23% price offers and dis others Q. What is the first thing that strikes your mind about McDonald¶s? first thing about McDonald's that strikes customers mind 22% 4% 32% burger golden arches 17% service 25% value for money fun Q. Do you like McDonald¶s? 63 | P a g e customer's view points 12% 7% yes 25% 56% no yes & no no exp CONCLUSION Marketing Strategies implied by McDonald¶s clearly gives the entire comprehensive information that is necessary for the growth and development of a business enterprise. Basically, the strategies that are implemented by McDonald¶s includes many basic essentials features like market research, innovative ideas, customers views, forecasting consumers demand, planning, organizing etc, these are the few basic essentials elements that plays a vital role for the successful business and also in creating the brand name of a product. Today, in this fast moving dynamic world the demand for goods and services are increasing at an alarming rate due to which there is greater competency and competitors ruling in the market. Therefore, most of the companies adopt different types of marketing strategies in order to serve their customers in a more better and efficient manner than their competitors so that, their business can easily survive in the market. Even corporate companies like Reliance and Tata industries are implementing various strategies from past many 64 | P a g e years. This shows that marketing strategies provides competitive edge for every business unit. BIBILOGRAPHY www.McDonald¶ 65 | P a g e...
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