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Unformatted text preview: been asked to design a program that accepts a start time and end time of an event and computes the total number of seconds of elapsed time. The start and the end times are supplied in a 24­hour format as (hours, minutes, seconds). For example, if start time is (14, 30, 0) and end time is (16, 10, 30) then the elapsed time is 1 hour, 40 minutes and 30 seconds; i.e. 1*60*60 + 40 * 60 + 30 = 6030 seconds. (a) Write a Use Case document for this problem using the template below. Use Case Name: Description: Preconditions: (* What data are you given? *) Workflow: (* What do you do with the data you are given? *) Results: (* What do you get back after doing this thing? *) Alternates: (* What could go wrong? How do you handle it?) (b) Write a CRC card for a possible Java class that will solve this problem. Class Name: Description: Attribute: Ty pe : Method: Collaborating Classes: Tracing Code for Testing: Here is a method that determines the letter grade using the rule >= 90 is A, 80­89 is B, 70—79 is C, 60­69 is D and <60 is E. pbi hrlteGaeitnmrd) ulcca etrrd(n uGae { i nmrd =9) f(uGae> 0 /­­ie1 /­Ln lteGae='' etrrd A; /­­ie2 /­Ln i nmrd =8) f(uGae> 0 /­­ie3 /­Ln lteGae='' etrrd B; /­­ie4 /­Ln i nmrd =7...
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