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1 Lab Exercise #11 Answers: Phipps Conservatory Objectives: The purpose of this lab is to: Review the types of topics and activities that were covered in the BioSci 0050 course Relate these topics to applications outside of the laboratory Promote interest in the Phipps Conservatory Format: This lab will take place at the Phipps Conservatory. To reach the Conservatory, travel down Bigelow Boulevard (past Hillman Library.) Turn left at the stop sign; proceed pass the Carnegie Library and over the Schenley Bridge. The Conservatory is on your right. You will need to bring this sheet, the answer sheet, and a pen (or pencil.) Some of the questions will not require you to see a particular item at the Conservatory, or may ask you to refer to your text or on-line material. You will be able to obtain a map of the premises at the ticket counter, should you “get lost” during your visit. If you follow the walkthrough carefully, however, you should have no trouble finding everything you need to complete this exercise. If you get really lost, ask a docent to assist you. Hours open: Daily 9:30am -5pm and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings 7-10. In this document, directions throughout Phipps are indicated by an arrow. NOTE: You should read the information on the following websites and pages in Sadava, prior to going to Phipps Conservatory. Palms - Coal and plants - Sadava, pg. 618 Ferns - Rubber trees - Sadava, pg. 796 Chocolate tree - Bamboo - Spices - Sadava, 1151 Proceed through the lobby to the cashier on the right. After obtaining your ticket go up the stairs to the entrance of the Palm Court. Once in the Palm court keep to the right and follow the signs. PALM COURT: 1. How are palm tree trunks different from trees with which we are familiar? (Refer to website about palms listed above) Note the number of different palm plants as you enter this room. 2. a) Can you find any palm plants that have spines anywhere on the leaf or leaf parts? Name them:
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2 b) Give a reason for the spines. Some palm plants have roots that are exposed and that actually “prop” the plant off the ground. Look for palms that have prop roots at the base of their trunks, which lift the base of the plant away form the ground, and keep the plant upright. (See Butterfly Palm, Dypsis lutescens , just before you leave the Palm Court into the Serpentine Room.) Look at the Mexican Breadfruit for an example of another type of root system, called aerial roots. 3. Why do you think this occurs? Growth begins on the forest floor for many plants, but it is slow because of the
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Lab Ex 11 - Lab Exercise#11 Answers Phipps Conservatory...

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