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Course Description for Foundations of Biology Lab 1, BioSci 0050 – Fall 2007 CO-REQUISITES : This is the first course of a two-course laboratory series, Biological Sciences 0050 and 0060. BIOSC 0050 runs concurrently with the lecture course, BIOSCI 150. It is strongly recommended that BIOSCI 0050 and BIOSC 150 be taken concurrently. It is important to know that the lab and lecture components are completely separate courses and the content of the two courses may not overlap directly during the semester. REGISTRATION: Each student is registered for a laboratory section that meets once per week for two hours and fifty minutes. It is important that you only attend the lab in the correct room and during the correct time as it appears on your registration. If you do not attend the lab for which you are registered, you may not get a grade. Note that there are 56 sections of this course held five different classrooms. INSTRUCTORS: There are multiple instructors for this course. It is important that you learn your instructor’s name and email in order to communicate effectively throughout the semester. (See Faculty Information below.) Because of the informal setting of the labs, instructors and students are referred to by their first names. If you have a current problem or condition or a problem arises that will affect your performance in this course, do not hesitate to communicate your concerns with your instructor. Your instructor will either be able to help you immediately or refer you to one of the coordinators of the course. The coordinator for this course is Carole LaFave (L14 Clapp, [email protected]) and the assistant coordinator is Meredith Barbieri (G2 Clapp, [email protected] ). COURSE GOALS: By the end of the course, students will leave with: The ability to work effectively and efficiently in cooperative learning groups. An introductory understanding of basic biological concepts, vocabulary, and calculations. Increased competency in oral communication skills. Knowledge of, and the ability to practically apply, the Scientific Method. An introductory understanding of science writing. COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the course, students will be able to: Calculate basic statistics, metric conversions, and simple equations related to experimental data. Collect, manipulate (mathematically), and interpret quantitative data from experimental exercises. Collect and interpret qualitative data from observational lab exercises. Use equipment and computer software that is commonly employed in a biological laboratory. Write key components of a laboratory report correctly using Biology vocabulary as well as language that is precise and grammatically correct. Apply content knowledge to develop an understanding of basic biological concepts.
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course BIOSCI 0050 taught by Professor Carollafarve during the Fall '07 term at Pittsburgh.

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50CourseDes - Course Description for Foundations of Biology...

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