Adding a dela y of 01 the modified rootlocus plot

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 17: Root­Locus for P­Controller (the dot at k c = -1.2 ). Next, integral act ion is introduced. In the case of the PI controller, different plots are produced for different controller parameters and are given in Figures 18 to 20. Figure 18: Root­Locus for PI controller for t I = 1 (the dot at k c = -1.2 ). Figure 19: Root­Locus for PI controller for t I = 0.2 (the dot at k c = -1.2 ) Figure 20: Root­Locus for PI controller for t I = 1 (the dot at k c = -20 ). The fo llowing can be concluded: · The system is always stable for any value of the controller parameters both for P and PI controllers as long as the controller gain is negat ive (reverse action) · The addit io n o f integral act ion increases the order of the system and introduces a pole at the origin · For P­controller the poles are always real while for PI contro...
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