This meansthatthesystem is morestablefigures14 and 15

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Unformatted text preview: controller for a set­point change using k c = 22.95 t I = 0 75 (ZN settings). ; . Figure 11: Closed­loop response with a PI controller for a disturbance using k c = 22.95 t I = 0 75 (ZN settings). ; . Next, the stabilit y margins are calculated using the Bode Stabilit y Criterion for both gain and phase. The results are displayed in Figure 12 and they are 25 and 1.87 for the phase and gain margins, respect ively. Figure 13 illustrates the Bode diagram (including the stabilit y margins) for the case when the controller gain is reduced to 17 and maintaining the integral t ime constant value as before. Now, the stabilit y margins for the gain and phase are 2.53 and 33, respectively. This means that the system is more stable. Figures 14 and 15 illustrate the closed­loop response of the system under the new settings for both set­point and disturbances. As expected, the sys tem wit h reduced the controller gain shows decreased level o f oscillat ion wit h a reduction o f the overshoot without much deterioration in the speed o f...
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