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Unformatted text preview: » zero(g) ans = ­4.0000 Note that the eigenvalues and the poles are the same. Here is the command for obtaining the step response and the result ing output response plot: » step(g) S te p R e s p o n s e F ro m : U ( 1 ) 1. 4 1. 2 0. 8 T o : Y ( 1 ) A m p li tud e 1 0. 6 0. 4 0. 2 0 0 1.4 2.8 4 .2 5 .6 7 T i m e (s e c . ) 3. Using the Heat Exchanger system in C­Station, § Obtain the transfer funct ions of the process. That is, the TF between the inputs (manipulated variable, disturbance) and the outlet Temperature. § Experiment alternative model structures and analyze the results § Explain, in terms of chemical and phys ical mechanisms, the process response when subject to a disturbance change Generat ing Data for input Heat exchanger Process for testing Select ion o f FOPDT Linear model for input Generat ing Data for disturbance Data for disturbance Fitting FPTD Linear model for Input FPDT Linear model for input Fitting FPTD Linear model for disturbance FPTD Linear model for disturbance Select ion Alternat ive L...
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