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Bone apatite occupies about 50 of the total volume in

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Unformatted text preview: ite. Bone apatite occupies about 50% of the total volume in mature bone. Two levels of composite structures are considered when developing bone substitutes. First of which is the bone apatite reinforced collagen forming individual lamella (nanometer to micrometer scale) and secondly the osteon reinforced interstitial bone (micrometer to millimeter scale). The apatite-collagen composite at the microscopic level provides the basis for producing bioceramic-polymer composites for bone replacement. Figure 2: Schematic diagram showing the mechanical behavior of apatite, collagen, and compact bone [9]. In Figure 1, brittle apatite acts as a stiffening phase whereas ductile collagen provides a tough matrix. The tensile behavior of bone reveals the combinational effect of these two 7 major constituents. A good understanding of the structure and properties of bone yields a good insight into the structural features of bones as well as provides the property range for approximating mechanical compatibility that is required of a bone analogue material for structural replacement with a stabilized bone-implant interface. 8...
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