Lecture 12 The End of Cap 2013

As the boomers re re there will be labour shortages

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Unformatted text preview: /13 Bishop’s predic-ons (2013) II •  In 30 year’s -me, per capita consump-on of energy in Canada will be 60 to 80% less than now. However, that will cause surprisingly liXle disrup-on. •  Gasoline will cost $10 per litre at the pump – PLUS infla-on. •  Global climate paXerns will have significantly changed – causing wars, famine and plagues affec-ng hundreds of millions of people. •  Many people will react to decline violently. Op-mism A.  Curing global warming is affordable: 2 or 3% of GDP by 2100 B.  As the boomers re-re, there will be labour shortages, lots of jobs, rising salaries, rising demand, economic booms C.  The number of people globally in des-tu-on is declining D.  The global middle class is exploding E.  Technological innova-on is con-nuing F.  We have solved the problem of produc-on; now all we need to solve is the problem of dist...
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