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Lecture 12 The End of Cap 2013

Lead to the ex nc on of the human race b lead to a

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Unformatted text preview: ribu-on Are you an op-mist or a pessimist? A.  Very Pessimis-c: democra-c corporate capitalism will collapse in shortages, climate disasters and violence. B.  Slightly Pessimis-c: democra-c corporate capitalism will slowly decline; mix of recession and booms. C.  You don’t have an opinion; you are prepared to take things as they come. D.  Slightly op-mis-c: Globally, we will con-nue to lim people out of des-tu-on, but the west will be mired in slow growth. E.  Very op-mis-c: Once the baby boom re-res, labour shortages will drive up salaries, which will drive up demand, causing a prolonged period of economic growth. 3 11/30/13 Global climate change will … A.  Lead to the ex-nc-on of the human race. B.  Lead to a major die ­back of humankind. C.  Cause many major disasters...
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