Lecture 11 Just Taxation 2013

A yes denitely b yes unless you become rich c no d

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Unformatted text preview: s (all levels) Chile Mexico 48.2 46.4 43.5 41.9 39.1 (2008) 39.1 37.0 34.8 34.3 31.1 31.0 28.1 (2008) 27.1 (2008) 24.0 18.2 17.5 4 11/24/13 Over your life*me, will you receive fair value in government services for the taxes you will pay? A.  Yes, definitely B.  Yes, unless you become rich C.  No D.  Maybe, it will depend on things like healthcare needs E.  You don’t plan to live in Canada Why are we always being told “the government can’t afford that any more”? A.  Canada is becoming a poorer country B.  Government services cost more these days C.  We keep demanding new government services D.  Governments can no longer collect taxes from corpora*ons and the rich E.  We are paying off debts from previous genera*ons Why are tui*on fees so much higher now then in 1971 ­72? A.  Corpora*ons don’t pay as much corpora*on tax B.  The rich don’t pay as much tax C.  The middle class don’t pay as much tax D.  Canada is much poorer country now E.  Professor’s salaries are much higher now 5 11/24/13 Why has government funding of universi*es decreased and tui*on fees increased so much? 6 11/24/13 •  •  •  •  Corporate F/P Tax rates: 1980 38% 2000 35% 2012 19% •  Corporate taxes as % of GDP •  1974 4.2% •  2011 3.1% (all levels of gv’t) 7 11/24/13 •  A. What do you get for all the taxes you pay? •  B. If you could make one change to the rules of the Canadian tax system, what would it be? 8...
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