Lecture 11 Just Taxation 2013

Your spouse e you never cheat federal gvt revenue

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Unformatted text preview: declare it? E.  Spend it shopping in Hong Kong on you way home? 2 11/24/13 Which are you most likely to cheat on? A. Your taxes B. Your employer (for example, expense account) C. Your university (plagiarism, exams) D. Your spouse E. You never cheat Federal gv’t revenue 2009 Total revenue 237,357 Income taxes 153,003 Consumption taxes 42,535 Other taxes 1,207 Contributions to social security plans 17,284 Sales of goods and services 9,588 Investment income 12,878 Other revenue from own sources 439 Federal Gv’t expenditure-2009 Total expenditures 242,867 General government services 9,588 Protection of persons and property 28,937 Transportation and communication 3,537 Health 26,061 Social services 88,788 Education 5,781 Resource conservation and industrial development 9,856 Environment 2,700 Recreation and culture 4,232 Labour, employment and immigration 1,714 Housing 2,220 Foreign affairs and international assistance 6,513 Regional planning and development 1,409 Research establishments 3,700 General purpose transfers 29,217 Debt charges 18,584 Other expenditures 29 3 11/24/13 Provincial gv’t revenues Total revenue Own source revenue Income taxes Consumption taxes Property and related taxe...
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