Lecture 10 CSR 2013

Currently out of favour closely regulated industries

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Unformatted text preview: Gve, can be instrumental. •  Consumer companies under pressure from their customers, especially image based products (e.g. Nike) •  Need for Social Reports (like financial reports) AlternaGve Corporate Structures For ­benefit corporaGons Co ­ops (employee owned, consumer owned) Community owned means of producGon Supervisory boards to appoint board of directors (Germany, Netherlands) •  NaGonalizaGon of key industries (UK coal mines, railways, steal industry). Currently out of favour. •  Closely regulated industries. (Phone companies, uGliGes) •  •  •  •  3 11/17/13 Instrumental Stakeholder Theory … A.  Is a form of normaGve stockholder the...
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