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Lecture 3 Role of Corps 2013

Problem many of the rights of corpora0ons now

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Unformatted text preview: d. •  ‘Norma0ve stakeholder theory’ advocates CSR whether or not it maximises profits. View #3 on the role of corpora0ons in society. •  Corpora0ons should be closely regulated by governments to ensure good social outcomes. •  e.g. Close regula0on of banks and financial industry, environmental regula0ons, car safety regula0ons. View #4 on the role of corpora0ons in society. •  Corpora0ons must be reformed before they cause too much more harm. •  Suggested changes: CEO compensa0on, for ­benefit corpora0ons, supervisory boards. •  More radical changes include laws favouring co ­ops, limits on size of corpora0ons, strictly enforced an0 ­ monopoly and unfair trade rules. •  Problem: Many of the ‘rights’ of corpora0ons now enshrined in trade trea0es (such as NAFTA) which governments cannot overrule. 4 9/22/13 1. What is cons...
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