Lecture 1 Dem Cap Intro 2013

Criminals underclass e ideologies of democrafc

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Unformatted text preview:   Entrepreneurs, owners of small business. •  Income from investments; i.e. people who own capital (> $5 million?) –  ReFred seniors –  Inherited –  Already earned it some other way •  People who control capital –  CEOs –  Financial industry (e.g. hedge fund managers) •  People dependent on government programs –  Canada: welfare, disability, CPP, OAS, GIS, –  US: welfare, Social Security, food stamps, EITC, etc. •  Criminals, underclass E. Ideologies of democraFc corporate capitalism. liberalism conservaFsm libertarian radical (including sot, which will not be much discussed in this course) [See next week’s lecture] •  •  •  •  3 9/6/13 ADMN3400H Syllabus September 9, 2013 Course Prerequisites: •  3.0 ADMN credits. •  Only open to B.B.A. students. Course Format: Type Lecture Seminar Week A Seminar Week B Seminar Week A Seminar Week B Seminar Week A Day Mon...
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