Lecture 1 Dem Cap Intro 2013

Current issue diagnosis and policy paper students must

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Unformatted text preview: , persistent interrupFng, or any other interference with raFonal discussion. •  Bonus marks are given for introducing ideas that the rest of the students in the tutorial pick up on as being significant. •  BRING NAME CARD TO EACH TUTORIAL If you miss a tutorial … •  DO NOT apend a different tutorial; you will not be given p & p credit for it. •  Submit a full policy paper. See syllabus. •  Apach to the back of the first page a brief note explaining the reason for missing the class. •  A maximum of one (1) submiped policy paper in lieu of apendance at tutorial is permiped. If you miss more than one tutorial, please come and see me. •  Policy papers in lieu of tutorial should be submiped in hardcopy to my dropbox in the Program Office. Please submit as soon as possible aser the missed tutorial; if more than one week later, explain the delay. 8 9/6/13 Midterm exam: •  •  •  •  one hour exam wripen in class on October 15 open book purpose of the exam will be to see to what extent you understand the language and concepts used to discuss policy making within democraFc corporate capitalism. Current issue diagnosis and policy paper: •  S...
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