Lecture 1 Dem Cap Intro 2013

How do you know your vote was received check your vote

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Unformatted text preview: ay be packaged with your text for an addi6onal discount. How will we use the clickers?   I pose ques6ons on the screen during lecture.   You answer using your i>clicker remote.   Class results are tallied.   I display a graph with the class results on the screen.   We discuss the ques6ons and answers.   You may get points (for par6cipa6ng and/or answering correctly)! 5 9/6/13 How do you vote? Turn on the clicker by pressing the boVom “On/ Off” buVon. A blue “Power” light will appear at the top of the remote. How do you vote? When I ask a ques6on in class (and start the 6mer), select A, B, C, D, or E as your vote. I may also ask you to talk about your possible choice/ answer with your neighbor or in groups. How do you know your vote was received? Check your “Vote Status” Light: –  Green light = your vote w...
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