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Lecture 1 Dem Cap Intro 2013

Important be very careful in entering your clickerid

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Unformatted text preview: as sent AND received. –  Red flashing light = you need to vote again. Not sure you saw the light? Just vote again. Want to change your vote? You can vote again as long as the 6mer is s6ll going. 6 9/6/13 Registering your i>clicker You can earn points for your i>clicker responses [for participation and/or answering questions correctly]. Until you register your i>clicker, your responses are tied to your clicker remote ID (located on the back of your clicker), rather than to you. When you do register, your previously recorded voting responses will be assigned to you. Put a piece of clear tape over your clickerID to protect it from wearing off. Record your clickerID in a safe place. Registering your i>clicker 1. Go to the LearningSystem. 2. Select the site of a course using clickers. 3. Find i>clicker Remote Registration You now only have to register your clicker in ONE clicker course! IMPORTANT!! Be very careful in entering your click...
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