Lecture 4 Govt Resp for Economy 2013

B no canadians have enough stu we do not need more c

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Unformatted text preview: are set on world markets, and there is li]le anyone in Canada can do about them. Is the government responsible for the growth of the economy (i.e. growth of GDP)? A.  Yes, creaVng a dynamic, thriving, growing economy is the primary responsibility of government. B.  No. Canadians have enough stuff; we do not need more. C.  No. Growing the economy would just destroy the natural environment. D.  No. The growth of the economy depends on how much foreign countries buy from us. Is the government responsible for the distribuVon of wealth in Canada? A.  Yes, the government should redistribute the wealth from rich to the poor. B.  Yes, government policy needs to create and protect a large middle class. C.  No. People should work for all their money and not expect government redistribuVon. D.  The distribuVon of wealth in Canada is fine as it is. E.  The governmen...
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