Lecture 4 Govt Resp for Economy 2013

D no inavon is caused by increases in the price of

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Unformatted text preview: ld be set by businesses who sell them. C.  No. InflaVon is not a problem in Canada so there is nothing that needs controlling. D.  No. InflaVon is caused by increases in the price of resources on world markets and there is nothing anyone can do about it. E.  I don’t know what ‘inflaVon’ is. 1 9/25/13 Is the government responsible for se\ng interest rates? A.  Yes (if you include The Bank of Canada as part of the government). B.  No, the big banks set interest rates. C.  No, it is up to consumers to negoVate an interest rate when they get a mortgage, credit card, or other loan. D.  Governments have some control over short term interest rates, but cannot control long term rates. E.  Interests rates...
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