Lecture 4 Govt Resp for Economy 2013

Help the unemployed ei for short periods of

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Unformatted text preview: t should STOP redistribuVng money from young and middle aged people to well off reVred seniors. 2 9/25/13 Employment rate in Canada Employment rate in US Canadian CPI inflaVon 1952 ­2012 3 9/25/13 US CPI inflaVon 1952 ­2012 Canada interest rate 1990  ­ 2012 US interest rate 1990  ­ 2012 4 9/25/13 Canada GDP growth 1960 ­2012 US GDP growth 1948 ­2012 What can the government do about unemployment? •  Help the unemployed –  EI (for short periods of unemployment) –  Welfare (for long term unemployment) –  Retraining programs •  SVmulate the economy (Keynesian policies) –  Monetary policy sVmulus (create money) –  Fiscal policy sVmulus (increase government spending and run high deficits) –  Low interest rates 5 9/25/13...
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