Lecture 4 Govt Resp for Economy 2013

What can the government do about growing the economy

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Unformatted text preview: What can the government do about inflaVon? •  Bank of Canada to set policies, not government (because inflaVon is about expectaVons) •  InflaVon targets (currently 2%) •  Monetary policy: Contract money supply •  Fiscal policy: Government surpluses •  Set high interest rates What can the government do to keep interest rates low? •  Set a low ‘bank rate’ (interest charged by central bank to other banks). •  Keep inflaVon expectaVons low. •  Keep Vght control of money supply. •  Central Bank to buy debt (known as quanVtaVve easing) providing this does not cause inflaVon. What can the government do about growing the economy ? •  Keynesian sVmulus during recessions (if it doesn’t cause inflaVon). •  Low interest rates (if it doesn’t cause in...
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