Lecture 5 Distribution of Wealth 2013

How should wealth be distributed in society a equally

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Unformatted text preview:   •  Decrease in educa0onal performance Decrease in life expectancy Decrease in physical Health Decrease in social connectedness and community involvement Decrease in social mobility Decrease in trust Increase in drug use Increase in imprisonment Increase in infant mortality Increase in mental illness Increase in obesity Increase in teenage birth rate Increase in violet crime Suicide rate is not affected Affects the shape of men’s faces that women find aarac0ve 4. How should wealth be distributed in society? A) Equally, (strict egalitarianism), or at least sufficiently equally to prevent social and poli0cal problems (liberal, some conserva0ves) B) Guaranteed minimum (safety ­net theory) C) So that the income of the worst off is maximised (maximin or difference principle) D) Everyone should have an equal chance (equal opportunity) E) According to a fair process, such as honest markets (libertarian) 4 10/1/13 Is the distribu0on of the wealth in Canada unjust? A)  Yes B)  No C)  Capitalism sucks, I am joining Occupy! The revolt against the current distribu0on: Quebec students •  “Those people [the rich and powerful] are a single elite, a greedy elite, a corrupt elite, a vulgar elite, an elite that only sees educa0on as a...
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