Lecture 5 Distribution of Wealth 2013

G how are ceos paid in canada and us tax the rich and

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Unformatted text preview: n investment in human capital, that only sees a tree as a piece of paper and only sees a child as a future employee,” [student leader Gabriel Nadeau ­Dubois] said. •  The student strike, he promised, would be “a springboard to a much wider, much deeper, much more radical challenge of the direc0on Quebec has been heading in recent years.” Where the Quebec government sees a tussle over tui0on fees, striking students see a struggle for the soul of a province. Occupy Movement •  “We are the 99%.” Concerned with distribu0on of wealth and debt of ordinary ci0zens. •  Goals? 5 10/1/13 Government policy op0ons: •  Change the structures that a...
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