Music Report 2: Family Holiday Concert

I have half a mind to tell the bsu music department

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Unformatted text preview: a pretty straight forward performance, however the drum line had to use low stick heights and dynamics due to the projection and strength of the instruments. The amount of school spirit showcased at this concert made me fall in love with BSU more! Following intermission, the BSU Combined Choirs performed Von Himmel Hoch. It was performed with the original arrangement by Felix Mendelssohn. Director Michael Porter noted that it was inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach. It was religious based with a choir and an instrumental accompaniment. The singers and the instruments each played their own role, but I found it exquisite when they came together. Since I was sitting at the very top row of the theater, I couldn’t make out much of the words, but I did pick out “Where is the king”, which was repeated several times. This was the first time I’d ever seen a harp on stage, and it was magnificent. The next piece, was one composed by none other than Pyotr Ilyich...
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