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Music Report 2: Family Holiday Concert

The amount of school spirit showcased at this concert

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Unformatted text preview: Tchaikovsky himself. It was the original arrangement of The Nutcracker, and yes, it was about twenty minutes long. Though I knew Malloy 4 the piece was three movements long, I was still anticipating it to be over at each cadenza. However, I did enjoy that most of it sounded familiar. Most of it I had remembered from movies, commercials, and so on;7 however, I never knew that all of those familiar jingles came from The Nutcracker. I liked how the celeste began the piece very quietly, and the symphony chimed in and eventually they moved together to create a perfect harmony. Among the many familiar instruments including the saxophone, trombone, bass, cello, flute, clarinet, there was an unfamiliar instrument - called the celeste. This piece came to North America and made famous in 1944, where the ballet was performed in San Francisco. Although I can not remember everything about such a grand and large piece, I wrote down some of my favorite par...
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