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Music Report 2: Family Holiday Concert

Then they broke off and each malloy 2 part stood out

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Unformatted text preview: ons on a Jingle Bell Theme, was performed by the same ensemble. It started off loud and gradually took a diminuendo for the first variation. The second variation stayed that soft and reminded me of “Under the Sea” due to the childlike feeling. The last variation was performed more lively and more of a celebration feeling. The upper register of the marimba and the xylophone were highlighted in their runs toward the end. My favorite part about the percussion ensemble was the director’s festive christmas scarf! Boise State University began a new tradition this year by inviting the Ezra String Quartet to perform a wonderful arrangement of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The four performers are graduates of BSU and all partake in the Boise Philharmonic. I was astounded with this young group because when I closed my eyes, it sounded like a lot more than just four instruments. I noted that they blended well, and each instrument was allowed their own moment to take the lead. They intentionally slowed down parts of the piece, and when they sped back up, it was like a r...
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