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Music Report 2: Family Holiday Concert

Throughout the night i found myself tapping my feet

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Unformatted text preview: it kept the entire concert exciting. The second song performed was Little Drummer Boy, and there was a bass guitar and electric guitar solo. This song almost felt like it was of the rock genre, and I wrote down that, for me, the piece would have flourished more if the main focus hadn’t been on the guitar solo. The next two songs were performed by the Boise State University Percussion Ensemble. The first, Deck the Halls, included many percussion instruments like the bass drum, the marimba, the bass marimba, and the xylophone. These instruments played yet another arrangement of Deck the Halls, and they were all playing the same melody in different keys at the beginning. Then, they broke off and each Malloy 2 part stood out with the melody at least once. The dynamics at the beginning were forte and bright. The dynamic contrast was more in the middle of the piece, as they ended in forte as well. The second piece, titled Variati...
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