Music Report 1: A Russian Portrait: Boise State University Fall Choral Collage

After all of these beautiful songs there was finally

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Unformatted text preview: I especially appreciated how well they played off each other. The dynamics went from loud and fast so soft and slow, and there were many different moods felt through the piece. The next song sung by the Meistersingers was my favorite of the entire night. I tried so hard to focus and write notes, but I found myself with my eyes closed and chills all over my body. They begin by singing the same verse, one part after another, and they gradually Malloy 4 crescendo. This a capella piece really moved me, and it made coming to the concert worthwhile. The piece “Entreat me not to leave you” was written by Dan Forrest, who is still alive today. The director announced that the choir performed this piece in Sun Valley in early October with rave reviews. The composer is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and he is very young. However, this song was brilliantly placed within the line up and it is obvious why this piece came with rave reviews. The following song is another one that I can’t type out, but it was written by the Russian Orthodox Church after the Revolution of 1917, where the making of music was completely prohibited. The piece was written by Alexandre Gretchaninoff and came from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. When all parts came together, the melody was perfected by the rising and falling of voices. I wrote that although this piece was performed a capella, it seemed as if their voices came together so well, there was an instrument playing alone. The next song by Georgy Sviridov is written in Russian. It is yet another religious message;7 however, it was my second favorite song of the night. Excuse my Russian, but I wrote in my notes that, “the bass voice kicked serious ass.” He made the entire piece for me by providing a strong foundation. The ease with how they changed dynamics also made this piece phenomenal. “Allelujah” was repeated over and over much like the two songs mentioned above with the repeated “Allelujah”. The final piece b...
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