Music Report 1: A Russian Portrait: Boise State University Fall Choral Collage

The following song is another one that i cant type

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Unformatted text preview: y the Meistersingers was written in Russian by Aleksandr Trofimich Obukhov and depicts the love at the heart of Russian culture. This reminds me of “Dido and Aeneas” because the major theme is love and they are both of the opera genre. There was a female soloist, and although it was an opera piece, the vibrato in her voice was a little distracting. She sang in another language, however, and it was extremely impressive. The chorus acted as the accompaniment for the soloist in this piece. Finally, the last song had come and all choirs returned to the stage to finish together. The piece, which has the same title of the piece before it, was arranged by Vadim Prokhorov and may be one of the most popular Russian folk songs still heard today. The song acted as a dialogue between two Malloy 5 people, male and female. The masculine part is more dominant and the female part is more lyrical. They portray characters such as Romeo and Juliet and the parts had a kind of back and forth banter, and the piano enforced the action of going back and forth between the characters. As the verse is repeated, the choir grows louder and get faster. By the end of the concert, the sopranos were beginning to overwhelm me. All in all, I really enjoyed the concert. Of course, I dreaded the thought of sitting listening to a mostly opera concert, but I had a great time. I feel indifferent about some songs, but there was that one that almost had me in tears. To me, the fact that even one piece moved me that much, makes the entire experience a plus. Now, I am actually looking forward to attending more concerts, and I feel good to be a part of BSU and their wonderful groups and talent. My only one critique is for the sopranos - they dominate and it would do them wonders to blend a little more. Other than that, I think the singers at BSU are highly talented and as far as their first show for the public, they rocked it!...
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