Essay on Existentialism

About two years ago aubrees aunt was diagnosed with

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Unformatted text preview: d my love for nature. Though I am only one person in this profound and grand world, I exist. From my favorite spot, I can see the world surrounding me, I can breathe, and I can relax with the comfort knowing that someone counts on my existence for happiness. Though I found immeasurable support through a friend, there were times where I stuck to my habit because that’s all I knew. In a sense, I connect with Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot because although they knew tomorrow would be no different, they still held onto some ounce of hope that something great would happen to them. When discussing the act of hanging themselves, Estragon announces, “Don’t let’s do anything. It’s safer” (Beckett 12). They then discuss that Godot promised to Malloy 5 make his appearance the next day, and although they both know it’s almost an impossible event, something propels them to wait. I believe the reason they don’t take their own lives is because they depend on each other. One existence depends on the other, and they take joy in knowing their companion will return to their side the next day. Though they bicker back and forth incessantly, they find strength through one another and take joy in each other’s company. It makes all the sense in the world, to feel purpose through another individual - whether one depends on the other in some way, or just to bring happiness to each other. The decision whether or not to commit suicide is one of great angst, anxiety, and some even say selfishness. However, not many truly know the weight of this decision, and from experience, sometimes suicide offers a painless way out. The reason, however, I decided not to take my own life, was for the small part of me that screamed I had something left to give to this world. Another instance where they feel purpose is when Pozzo falls to the ground and requires assistance to get back up. Whilst Estragon would rather bargain with Pozzo before helping him, Vladimir realizes that, “It is not everyday that we are needed” (Beckett 51). This quote separates Vladimir from Estragon because while Estragon would much rather pass the time dreaming, Vladimir jumps at the bit to help someone, to feel pride that he helped someone who needed his existence, to find the strength to keep on because someone depends on you to feel self worth. Vladimir and Estragon’s existence is a far cry from fulfilling, but it’s that little bit of purpose that keeps them on their feet. Sometimes, all we have is the hope that something spectacular will change our fortune in the near future. In actuality, it is not just finding a reason to live, but the amount of hope it requires to continue searching for tha...
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