Essay on Existentialism

It makes all the sense in the world to feel purpose

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Unformatted text preview: t reason, especially after making the wrong choices. All of us at one time or another struggle to make peace with our mistakes - and this takes patience and courage. Several times, I’ve hurt my family, my friends, and myself. Instead of facing my mistakes, accepting them, and moving on, I Malloy 6 begin to abhor myself. I ask myself how a normal person could even think of moving forward with what I’ve done. With that, I begin to wonder where my self worth lies. Where can I find pride in myself and look forward to making things right? It’s almost selfish to think that I could hurt or embarrass someone, and sit back and hide - hate myself - because I can’t face what I’ve done. This is similar to the prisoners in San Quentin, California. Prisoners, for the most part, feel immense guilt for their heinous crimes, and search for answers, search for forgiveness. Justin Berton, a staff writer for the Chronicle, reported the effect that the play, Waiting for Godot, had on the inmates. In 1957, the co- founder of the San Quentin Drama Workshop, Alan Mendell, put on the play Waiting for Godot with the help of some reluctant prisoners. Mendell said after the performance that, “the theme of questioning one’s place and time on earth seemed to speak clearly to the condemned” (Berton). The performance inspired the prisoners to start the still- active San Quentin Drama Workshop. Although these prisoners felt trapped in their own mistakes, they felt empowered to make their sentence fulfilling with the opportunity to reenact a play which portrayed their existence so perfectly. For these inmates, finding a way to forgive or make peace with their actions seemed nearly impossible. However, by giving these individuals an opportunity to live again, poured hope into their hearts. It allowed these people to see that life extended beyond four walls. The reason for existing is sometimes dull, sometimes ambiguous, sometimes prevalent, and sometimes seemingly nonexistent. In the end, it is exceedingly important for a struggling individual to focus on today’s opportunities, finding strength by whatever is in reach, believing tomorrow will offer unforgettable adventures, and forgiving and moving on. Mostly, I found my purpose through loving myself. As soon as I found pride in my existence, I was able to love others, love life, love the good and the bad. Sure, there are still days where I struggle with what life hands me, but the thing that keeps me smiling is knowing that no matter how disturbing things become, I still have time left on this earth to Malloy 7 make a positive impact. As someone much smarter than I once said, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor....
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