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2 rebecca uses rhetorical concepts to showcase the

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Unformatted text preview: t social media only provides happy faces and cookies, but positive in the sense that society can feel the same emotions through social media to reach out to others, as well as educate them on current news and issues that arise in society. Ethos: To prove that social media is beneficial, she quotes many declared authors and spokespeople that argue that the knowledge derived from online disagreements actually produce more of a benefit because when people share their thoughts, it allows the other to respond with a different idea. She even includes a quote from the Pope, a well- known religious leader which many look up to. In addition, she includes the definition of cyberbullying from the Oxford English Dictionary. Not only that, but Rebecca includes actual court case, the Dharun Ravi case, to prove that cyberbullying is often tampered with. Pathos: In the fourth paragraph, Rebecca refers to a woman who tweeted about her husband’s cancer which ultimately gave her “a voice” and provided her comfort that someone else on the website would see her post and feel sympathetic for her and her situation. Cancer is an emot...
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