Evaluating the Essay-2

Evaluating the Essay-2

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Unformatted text preview: ional topic, and social media allowed some comfort in this woman’s life. Logos: Rebecca used herself with examples in her everyday life. She states that she can better plan ahead thanks to emails texts. She is able to communicate through social media websites like Facebook with friends overseas, where phone conversation is impossible. She also adds that when she is in a room with four friends, most of them are always on their electronic devices communicating, so it avoids the awkward silence when communicating through social media. I find the quote from the Pope most convincing, because this man is all about making the time out of one’s day to attend a religious gathering. No electronic devices are acceptable, and the fact that a man of his stature argues for the benefits of social media proves that although social media can produce a negative impact on society, “The Internet is becoming ever more a forum for questions and answers..” The least convincing argument to me is the Kony argument. However, it was necessary to prove a point. I believe that that argument is a hard topic to push for because so many people feel that the entire topic is a horrific one. It takes apart a documentary made by a man - not trying to make a point - but to raise awareness. As a result, many people decided to negatively bash the documentary, claiming that the facts aren’t all true. However, she pulls the topic to a close by stating that social media allows society to practice their First Amendment right to freedom of speech as well as educate society on a different possible answer....
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